Huge New Web Design Updates

2015 is a new year for web design, and many trends are entering the market and changing the way we design web pages in future projects. So in 2014, we were introduced to Flat design, Grid Layouts, Background Videos, and all the new upgrades with HTML5. web_designThe new year will include a whole new list of features and upgrades that will make the entire web design experience more cutting edge. Here is a few of the best new featured breakthroughs that are going to be released in 2015:

Large Background Images

Huge background images are being used instead of background colors in HTML. This new platform of shaping the background of a website then laying everything else on top of the background is being implemented by Apple and Google in their new designs.

Card Designs

Dividing a web deign project into card sized designs and distributing their positions throughout the site is now done without having to multi layer the site. Each background can add a large number of card sized design boxes in their required position.

Digital Branding

Now more than ever, people are spending most of their time online whether they are shopping or having conversations with their friends. Businesses have realized that the best way to increase sales is to adopt an online business to service all the online shoppers.

After online businesses became the new way to grow a business, many start ups started new business that operated online only, leaving all the overhead of an office business or store to be unnecessary at all. Starting a company and creating a brand that can be used to operate and do business can all be done online in a few hours of easy work. Just by filling in the required info, the new brand can be up and running in no time.


Responsive and flat designs are seeing enhancements in their web layouts, which is going to open up a whole new field to work with in web design. Each designers ability to control a websites design is going to increase while their time coding is going to decrease.


In order to launch a fully functional and powerful website in 2015, all you need to do is find the right website platforms and use their resources to build yourself a website that does anything you want it to do. Tools are available for designers that are just learning to get to experience the fun world of web design while also having features that expert web designers would need in any project they are working on. Using the tools available is a much better way to get a website running, and the tools cover more coding than ever before.

Web-Design-topApplications are made to embed videos and interactive animations that can be placed anywhere in the website. Using a website building platform allows a beginner builder to produce professional results. Some of the biggest websites of 2014 were the sites that implemented the e-commerce strategies at an early on stage. With drop shipping being the new way to start a business without spending almost anything, many new business are asking for cool and useful tool apps to help them draw as many customers as they can. Some of the apps include setting up live chat through some direct paste of coding language on any location in the web page.

Web design has seen many new improvements in 2015, and this has allowed for a whole new generation of websites to utilize the newest platform upgrades and features. By far, the best free website builder is with Dynadot. You are able to create the website of your dreams with just a few clicks. Make sure to give them a look, you’ll thank your self in the future.